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    A member of the Angling Trust, Coors AC is located in Burton Upon Trent, with plenty of matches planned all year round.

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    John Taylor has supported many charity matches in the past, raising thousands of pounds in funding. 

    His business, Total Reel Services, is a great choice for reel restoration. Please see the advertisment below for more information and contact details.


    The following information is a guideline to be used when fishing Coors AC venues.

    Please note these instructions are to be used in conjunction with the guidelines issued by the Angling Trust which can be found by clicking the link below.


    The following information is a guideline to be used when fishing Coors AC venues.

    Please note these instructions are to be used in conjunction with the guidelines issued by the Angling Trust which can be found by clicking the link below this list.


    Before Leaving Home

    • IF YOU HAVE COVID-19 SYMPTOMS - Do not leave home if you have symptoms of Covid-19 and follow Government advice on self-isolation
    • CHECK BEFORE TRAVELLING - Many clubs & fisheries are using booking systems. Check you are permitted to fish before travelling. Fishing without permission is illegal.
    • WHO YOU CAN FISH WITH - You can fish with members of your household OR ONE person outside your household – stick to social distancing guidelines at all times.

    ​Travelling To Your Venue

    • GETTING TO YOUR FISHING VENUE - You should travel to fishing venues on your own or with members of your household – abide by current guidelines on social distancing whilst fishing

    • FOLLOW TRAVEL GUIDELINES - Only travel based on what is allowed under current Government guidelines. Where possible try to leave 1 spare parking space between vehicles.

    Arriving At The Venue

    • PARKING - Where possible try to leave 1 spare parking space between vehicles.
    • PRACTICE GOOD HYGIENE - Use hand sanitiser before & after touching locks, gates etc. Disposable gloves are recommended.

    Moving To The Peg



  • Coors Drennan Match Dates 2020

    Below is our match list for this year. Please be aware that match bookings are taken from Mid-May only

    9th August 2020

    Drennan Coors Open

    16th August 2020

    Drennan Coors Open

    23rd August 2020

    Drennan Coors Open & MacMillan Charity Match

    6th September 2020

    No Match

    8th, 9th & 10th September 2020

    Burton Festival (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

    13th September 2020

    No Match

    16th September 2020

    Frank Barlow Memorial Charity Match (Wednesday) - Please book in with Tim Aplin of Matchman's Supplies

    20th September 2020

    Drennan Coors Final

    27th September 2020


  • Coors AC Club Match Dates 2020

    Below is our match list for this year. Please be aware that match bookings are taken from Mid-May only

    29th March 2020

    Canal Match

    26th April 2020

    Furnace Mill Commercial Fishery (Cancelled due to COVID-19)

    10th May 2020 

    Canal Match (Cancelled due to COVID-19)

    14th June 2020

    Middle Lake (Cancelled due to COVID-19)

    20th June 2020

    River Match

    12th July 2020

    River Match

    30th August 2020

    Furnace Mill Commercial Fishery

    13th September 2020

    River Match

    4th October 2020

    Canal Match

    11th October 2020

    Canal Match

  • The Coors AC Noticeboard

    Find a collection of recent events, important notices, results & stories below

    Frank Barlow Memorial Match - 30th August 2020

    Frank Barlow Memorial match


    Firstly I'd like to thank a few people who make this match possible:


    • Matchmen Supplies who every year go out their way to book people on to the match 
    • Coors A.C, Ferry Bridge A.C, and Burton Mutual for donating the peg fees to the charity.
    • Cath and Simon from the Washlands sports and social club who kept us all fed and watered.
    • The weighing in team, a thankless task!
    • Fishingmania Burton who opened up early so I could get some bait 
    • Steve Metcalfe for selling the raffle tickets
    • Wayne Swinscoe for running the match

    ...and finally, to the 76 anglers who turned up.


    Thanks to all the tackle companies who again gave some excellent prizes for the raffle!

    Drennan, Guru, Preston innovations, MAP, Matrix, Milo, Daiwa, Dynamite Baits, Garbolino, Feederland, Kamasan, Cadence, Mainline Match, Nottingham Piscatorials, and a special mention to Tommy Pickering who donated a personalised copy of his new book.


    ❤❤❤All the above made it possible to Raise a MASSIVE £1324❤❤❤


    This will go to the Nottingham City Hospital Cancer ward Where my Dad and Steve Toone was treated.
    Believe me this money will come in very helpful to families who are having the worst time ever.

    The Match was won by Pee wee Peter Hamilton who had 15lb from the municipal stretch.
    Results are in the pics attached.

    I won my section too!!!

    2020 Burton Angling Festival - Sponsored by Cadence UK & Coors - September 13th 2020

    This was our 13th festival and probably our most challenging. A big thanks goes out to all the anglers who fished this week who acted in a really responsible way in these difficult times.
    With the river at Burton very low and clear, I was expecting a hard weeks fishing but for some reason at this time of year the fish really respond.

    Day 1

    Over 30 double figure weights were recorded of roach and dace leading the way was Wayne Swinscoe on peg 18 on the Ferry bridge section where he fished long pole, stickfloat and waggler with bronze maggots for 20lb 3oz of mainly roach.

    1st W Swinscoe 20.3.0
    2nd S Merry 19.14.0
    3rd T Kinson 19.14.0
    4th T Marshall 17.7.0
    5th A White 17.2.0

    Day 2

    Conditions were again good for day 2 where Mark Halksworth again on the Ferry bridge section but upstream on peg 4 started on the long pole with maggots before switching to hempseed for 20lb 10oz of quality roach.
    After 2 days Steve Harwood was leading the festival with 2 points from 2 section wins with 13lb 6oz and 16lb 6oz.

    1st M Halkesworth 20.10.0
    2nd P Glenfield 17.0.0
    3rd S Harwood 16.6.0
    4th W Truman 16.3.0
    5th R Alexander 16.2.0

    Day 3

    After two days on the same pegs its inevitable that there will be a big drop off, but some actually improve, the top of Sherrats farm was an area that came alive the last day, taking advantage of that was veteran Paul Newell who fished waggler and casters for 18lb 4oz of roach.

    1st P Newell 18.4.0
    2nd N Bull 18.0.0
    3rd R Casterton 16.13.0
    4th J Robbins 16.4.0
    5th P Bick 16.3.0

    After 3 days of great fishing Nigel Bull was crowned champion with 6 points and defended the title he won last year, a great performance.


    1st N Bull 6...£750
    2nd A White 8 £550
    3rd M Halkesworth 8 £430
    4th W Truman 9 £350
    5th T Marshall 10 £300
    6th D Cherrington 11 £250
    7th I Ward 11 £200
    8th J Robbins 12 £160
    9th R Alexander 12 £130
    10th R Smith 12 £100

    Wayne and Tony would like to thank all the helpers, scales man, John Moroz and Dave Jones for their work on the computer, The Washlands Sports Club and the caterers, and finally the sponsors Cadence UK and Coors. Hopefully we'll do it all again next year Wayne.

    Coors Club Friendly Fishing Match ( Furnace Mill) - August 30th 2020

    The friendly Coors team decided to have an away day which saw us fishing at Furnace Mill fishery close to the Wyre Forest. The temperature early doors was just above 6 degrees and whilst there were a number of fish showing I think the sudden drop in temperature did have a slowing effect on the fishing as weights were a lot lower than I would have expected.

    That said a few lessons were learnt with the requirement for slightly heavier elastic as there were numerous occasions when elastics off varying colours could be seen stretching across the fishery.

    The eventual individual winner Ian Roberts (well done Ian) could have easily doubled his weight had he managed to land all of the fish he hooked. The use of light tackle certainly gave more bites but there were a lot of breakages as large fish were being lost, I think slightly heavier gear a bit more commercial practise is in order for us all.

    The pairs event on the day was won by Glen Poppleton and Steve (bleary eyed) Brealey (not used to such an early start) so well-done Glen and Steve.

    The top three pairs weights were separated by 6lbs or one fish, so many what ifs, when so many fish broke up angler’s end rigs, still there is always next year if we decide to have a return visit.

    Coors Drennan Match - August 23rd 2020

    Drennan Coors Trent Masters Macmillan charity rd8 48 fished.

    This was the last qualifier, the river had been up and down all week but steadied off for sundays match and it fished reasonably well with all sections producing roach. The Municipal length came back to life producing some nice roach weights. Peg 10 hasn't been in the best of form this season but Dave Petch made them have it on Sunday fishing long pole with hempseed for quality roach in his 4 foot deep swim for 18lb 5oz and a comfortable win. Sherrats Farm produced the runner up for Nigel Bull on peg 8 where he balled it on the long pole line fishing maggots and hemp over the top for 13lb 1oz. Third was Steve Metcalfe on municipal peg 15 an area he knows really well? Where he fished waggler and pole with bronze maggots for 12lb 12oz of quality roach.

    1st D Petch Quorn 18.5.0
    2nd N Bull Starlets 13.1.0
    3rd S Metcalfe 12.12.0
    4th C Lloyd Burton 11.14.0


    A. S Raynor 10.8.0
    B. A Round 6.12.0
    C. P Newell 11.10.0
    D. T Truman 8.14.0
    E. P Salt 11.4.0
    F. C Beech 6.10.0
    G. D Cherrington 9.12.0
    H. P Hamilton 8.14.0
    I. S Winter 8.8.0
    J. R Smith 10.12.0
    K. D Armstrong 10.2.0

    Qualifiers. B Wiggington,P Newell,C Lloyd,C Beech,S Pierpont,D Armstrong.

    The final is on Sunday 20th September, if any of the qualifiers can't make it please inform Steve Metcalfe or Wayne Swinscoe.

    On behalf of Drennan International and Coors I would like to thank all the anglers who have fished the series for there impecable behaviour and safe pratices in these difficult times.

    Coors Drennan Match - August 16th 2020

    Drennan Coors Trent Masters rd 7. 58 fished

    This was the penultimate round and conditions were near perfect, little wind, overcast and a nice flow on the river but as of the last few matches the roach were reluctant feed in most areas. 

    Bailey's above the weir produced the winner from peg 9, not normally associated with the winners podium. Doncasters Steve Lowther fished short with maggots and worms for dumpy perch catching 6lb before switching to waggler and bronze maggots for a few quality roach and perch for 14lb 2oz winning a close contest.

    Runner up was Drennan's Steve Winter on peg 6 on the municipal length an area thats been quiet just lately, after big problems from pike he managed to put 13lb 11oz of roach on the scales fishing long pole with bronze maggots and hemp. 

    Down below the weir at Bailey's was Mark Halkesworth fishing stickfloat and casters in the fast water for 2 decent chub  plus dace and roach for 13lb 7oz.

    1st S Lowther Dons 14.2.0
    2nd S Winter Drennan 13.11.0
    3rd M Halkesworth DH Angling 13.7.0
    4th J Fell  Nathans 11.6.0
    5th I Shaw Coors and R Smith BM both 10.14.0


    A. N West 10.9.0
    B. T Gough 9.14.0
    C. S Raynor 10.9.0
    D. D Armstrong 6.13.0
    E. T Moroz 9.14.0
    F. D Petch 10.6.0
    G. T Bunting 7.8.0
    H. P Bick 7.0.0
    I.  W Swinscoe 9.2.0
    J. B Jones 8.2.0
    K. M Halford 7.14.0
    L. N Bull 5.4.0


    T Gough, T Bunting, M Halford, P Bick,B Jones  K.Jones J Fell.

    Pictured - Steve Lowther

    Coors Drennan Match - August 9th 2020

    Drennan Coors Trent Masters rd 6, 42 fished.

    Down on numbers this week due to clashes with riverfest qualifiers, the river is getting lower and clearer each week and its begining to tell on the results. Only 8lb+ was needed to frame, but that didn't worry Drennans Steve Winter, drawn on Baileys peg 18B first peg above the weir, where he caught 20 roach over his Groundbait line before switching to chop worm for 2 big eels one nearly 4lb and some perch for 12lb 9oz. Runner up was  Nigel Bull who was drawn on sherrats farm peg 4 where he fished long pole with maggots over groundbait for 10lb6oz of roach and small perch.

    1st. S Winter Drennan 12.9.0
    2nd. N Bull Starlets 10.6.0
    3rd. P Salt Dynamite 9.8.0
    4th. J Urrity Vespe 8.14.0


    A. D Shakespeare 7.9.0
    B. P Hamilton, M Perkins 7.6.0
    C. R Casterton 8.9.0
    D. A Round 6.4.0
    E. A Reynolds 5.12.0
    F. D Varney 6.13.0
    G. D Petch 8.1.0
    H. R Smith 7.12.0


    D Sakespeare,J Urrity,A Reynolds, D Varney, R Smith.

    Winner in photo: Steve Winter

    Coors Drennan Match - August 2nd 2020

    Drennan Coors Trent Masters rd5  55 fished.

    Conditions were poor for this round, a very low and clear river greeted a strong field, the pipe peg at the bottom of Bailey's made it a hat trick of wins but unusualy with roach and not the usual Chub, winner, Dean Cherrington alternated waggler and stickfloat with bronze maggots for 23lb 4oz. 5 pegs up stream on peg 20 John Walkden fished long  pole for chub tight across on meat and lobworm  for 4 good chub and a few perch for 19lb 14oz and second. Third off Broadholme Island peg 21 was Ian Saiger who fished whip and long pole for mainly dace for a level 13lb.

    1st  D Cherrington Coors 23.4.0
    2nd J Walkden Sensas 19.14.0
    3rd I Saiger Browning 13.0.0
    4th N Bull Nathans 12.13.0
    5th N West MMS 11.10.0


    A. A Reynolds 6.6.0
    B. S Raynor 9.12.0
    C. B Rigby  9.2.0
    D. M Parker  5.9.0
    E. R Alexander  8.0.0
    F. P Williams 8.0.0
    G. P Salt 8.8.0
    H. I Ward 10.6.0
    I. S Winter 8.6.0
    J. D Shakespeare 10.13.0
    K. H Clapham 8.6.0
    L. D Limbert 7.11.0

    Qualifiers: R Casterton, A Reynolds, R Alexander, J Walkden, C Talbot,N West,H Clapham.
    Pics winner Dean Charrington

    Coors Drennan Match - July 26th 2020

    The pipe peg below the weir at Baileys did the damage again, chief recipient was John Moroz a winner on this peg for the second time, so he new the score fishing waggler and bronze maggots for a nice net of chub with some 4 pounders for 22lb 8oz. The Municipal length produced the runner up from red hot peg 22, inform Tony Marshall fished stickfloat and bronze maggots 3 rod lengths out chublets and roach for 18lb 4oz. Third off Baileys peg 18A was Richie Reynolds whose 14lb 12oz was made up of 2 big Eels for 6lb and plenty of chunky Perch on chopped worms.

    1st J. Moroz - Coors 22.8.0
    2nd T. Marshall - Cadence 18.4.0
    3rd R. Reynolds - Diawa Dorking 14.12.0
    4th A. White - Nathans 14.10.0
    5th S. Winter - Drennan 11.12.0


    A. A Reynolds 9.8.0
    B. N West Coors 11.4.0
    C. R Smith BM 6.10.0
    D. S Lowther Dons 7.8.0
    E. W Truman 7.15.0
    F. I Saiger Browning 6.2.0
    G. M Halkesworth 6.14.0
    H. T Beech Quorn as 8.10.0
    I. A Starky Derby 7.12.0
    J. N Bull Starlets 10.12.0
    K. S Ashby Sensas 8.12.0
    L. P Hamilton 10.12.0



    A White, S Lowther, J Moroz,
    I Saiger, T Beech, S Metcalfe, S Ashby, P Hamilton.
    Pics. John Moroz and Tony Marshall.

    Coors Drennan Match - July 19th 2020

    This weeks round fished well, it was nice to be on the river fishing in good conditions. Cadence angler Dave Webb won this weeks encounter off the pipe swim downstream of Baileys weir, one of the few chub pegs on the match length, he tackled his 3 foot deep swim with waggler and bronze maggots catching 9 chub up to 4lb in the first half of the match before the cows spooked his shoal, he added a few small fish for a 25lb 10oz total.


    Roger Smith drawn on the municipal length peg 18 had a great days roach fishing on the long pole with casters catching fish up to 10oz for a level 24lb, just below him was Brian Rigby who was having a good run on the venue, this continued on the latest match where he pole fished with maggots for a mixture of fish for 19lb 2oz.

    1st D Webb - Cadence 25.10.0
    2nd R Smith - Burton Mutual 24.0.0
    3rd B Rigby - Cadence 19.2.0
    4th S Merry - Bait-Tech 17.14.0
    5th S Winter - Drennan 15.10.0


    A. M Perkins 8.7.0
    B. S Metcalfe 12.4.0
    C. I Shaw 9.0.0
    D. D Shakespeare 9.10.0
    E. A Starky 9.14.0
    F. C Hughes 6.0.0
    G. P Morris 8.6.0
    H. P Hamilton 10.14.0
    I. M Halkesworth 14.1.0
    J. S Blackmore 9.2.0
    K. P Bick, C Talbot 8.6.0
    L. T Marshall 9.10.0


    P Morris,M Halkesworth,R Smith, S Blackmore, T Marshall, W Truman and D Webb.


    Pics Dave's winning catch,Sam Merrys 4th placed catch

    Coors Drennan Match - July 5th 2020

    There's a saying in fishing... 'the wind is your friend', well it wasn't anyone's friend at Burton on Sunday, making it very difficult for most, those that found a bit of shelter faired best in a tight contest. The river improved from the first round with more roach showing which is a great sign after the winter floods. Winner on the day was Nottingham builder Stu Raynor who drew in the hot area on the Municipal length peg 22, Stu decided on a waggler and bronze maggot attack to put together a net of chublets and roach for 14lb 8oz from his 4 foot deep swim just holding off new Diawa Dorking signing Robbie Quinn who drew the famous wishing well peg on Androssey island, to be fair it hasn't been famous for 30 years!!


    He tackled the deep hole with a chopped worm attack on a 10grm flat float and was rewarded with an 8lb bream and 2 big eels for 14lb 2oz.


    Tied for third with 13lb 12oz was venue regulars Brian Rigby and Dave Petch both pegged on the Bailey's section, Dave on peg 16 fished pole and hempseed for quality roach, one or two nudging a pound.Brian was on peg 20 below the weir a fast gully, where he had a 3lb chub, plus roach. He also played what he thought was a barbel before a 5lb rainbow trout leapt clear of the water!

    1st Stu Raynor Gerrys 14.8.0
    2nd R Quinn Diawa Dorking 14.2.0
    3rd & 4th B Rigby Cadence and D Petch Quorn as 13.12.0
    5th S Merry Bait-tech 13.1.0


    A. A Round 5.6.0
    B. P Bick
    C. A White 10.7.0
    D. T Bunting 9.2.0
    E. R Reynolds 8.4.0
    F. S Winter 5.8.0
    G.H Clapham
    H. R Casterton 12.0.0
    I. N Moss 7.0.0
    J. C Hughes
    K. N Bull 11.12.0
    L. I Shaw 10.9.0


    S Raynor, N Moss,N Bull, I Ward,D Petch, S Merry R Reynolds.
    Pics Robbie Quinn with a big bream. Sam Merry's 5th place catch.

    Pictured is Stu Raynor, the winner of the match.

    Coors Drennan Match - June 21st 2020

    This match was a prelude to the Drennan Coors Trent Masters series which starts this Sunday. All week the match had been in doubt due the high levels of water caused by flash thunder storms,although conditions were poor the organiser's decided to give it a go and to be fair it was ok, the winner was Brian Rigby drawn on the Municipal length peg 15. An area that produces a variety of specimens most seasons, this time it was big eels, Brian float fished for an hour for about 2lb of small fish before switching to a small chopped worm feeder and lobworm on the hook. After some mighty tussles, he managed to subdue 6 good eels for nearly 16lb and a total of 18lb for an easy win. Runner up was Dave Jones again, drawn on Municipal at peg 22 where he fished stickfloat with bronze maggots and hemp for 10lb 4 oz of small chub and roach. Third was Kelvin Rutter whose 9lb 6oz again consisted of 2 good eels plus chublets.


    1 B Rigby Cadence 18.0.0

    2 D Jones Coors 10.4.0

    3 K Rutter Coors 9.6.0

    4 N Bull Starlets 5.1.0


    Drennan qualifiers.

    B Rigby & W Swinscoe.


    Will all the competitors who are fishing the first Drennan Coors match on the 28th June please read the COVID 19 quide lines on the pages above on this web site and Facebook page.

    1 B Rigby Cadence 18.0.0

    2 D Jones Coors 10.4.0

    3 K Rutter Coors 9.6.0

    4 N Bull Starlets 5.1.0

    Drennan qualifiers.

    B Rigby,W Swinscoe.

    Will all the competitors who are fishing the first Drennan Coors match on the 28th June please read the COVID-19 guidelines on this Coors AC web site and facebook page


    Pictured is Brain Rigby, the winner of the match.

    The Newsletter

    Click the newspaper icon to see the latest newsletter! (Last updated: 14/5/20)

    COVID-19 Coors AC Waters Summary

    River Trent Now Open!


    River Trent - No restrictions on numbers of anglers as pegs are approximately 30 meters apart. However, please be cautious as members of the general public will also be present.

    Trent and Mersey Canal - No restrictions on numbers of anglers as pegs are approximately 22 meters apart. However, please be cautious as members of the general public will also be present.

    Middle Lake

    • Will be restricted to a maximum of 16 anglers. See on site note for pegs not in use.

    An Important Note Regarding COVID-19's impact on fishing with Coors AC

    Although match fishing on our waters maybe a while coming we do need to be prepared, the majority of our anglers and organisers are of the older generation and vulnerable to this virus. I hope everyone will take it seriously and not flout the guidelines, repeat offenders will be asked not to fish future matches.

    • Social distancing MUST BE observed at all times. Our matches will be limited to 50 pegs but we'll be guided by the Government's mass gatherings guidelines if they say 20 people, our matches will be a 20 peg limit and so on.
    • The draws will be taking place in the Washlands Sports Club Car Park, with anglers staying 2 meters apart at all times.
    • YOU MUST book on to fish the matches, we will be taking no anglers on spec on the day.
    • You must arrive at the draw with your pools £25 in a sealed envelope with your name written on the front, paper notes only, no change will be given. Place your envelope in the bucket and your name will be ticked off the list, please one angler at a time and social distance, if we state the draw is 8.30 all pools must be paid on by that time.
    • The draw for pegs will start and will be done by one organiser for everyone going down the list from top to bottom, another organiser will enter your name on the section board, once you've been allocated your peg number please leave for the river. If you arrive late to pay your pools while the peg draw is in action you won't be allowed to fish the match.
    • After the match you'll be weighed in by 2 scalesmen they will put the weigh bucket on the ground and move back to a safe distance you will be summoned to tip your catch into the bucket and retreat, your catch will be weighed and recorded and the bucket will be placed back on the ground for the angler to return his catch to the river safely always giving time for the scalesman to retreat.
    • Under no circumstances follow the scales and there will be no catch shots or section boards shots taken.
    • After the match the payout will be back at the washlands, keep social distancing, all cash prizes will be in envelopes and collected by one angler at a time from a designated area as to keep social distancing.
    • The final draw will take place outside, in the washlands car park, and anglers must stand socially distanced from eachother.
    • Please keep well away from the organisers while the results are being worked out, there will be no pictures taken of section boards etc.after the payout.
    • The results will be put on Coors AC facebook page as soon as possible after the match for everyone to see.

    I know these guidelines seem a bit draconian, but we want everyone to come to Coors matches to enjoy the day and keep safe. This is just a starting point and maybe as time goes on and we understand whats happening around the world and we can alter things to suit our sport and us more. Please be early for our Coors matches.


    Thank You

    Our chainsaw team is working hard on the Municipal section!

    Canal Match Results!


    The following are the results of the open matches run on our canal stretches during January - March 2020. While the results give an indication of how the canal has fished we can not carry out a detailed analysis as the supplier does not use the bridge numbers or our permanent peg numbers.


    Over the series of matches the organiser has come to the following conclusion:-


    Whats Good


    Quality of Skimmers is improving more in the 12 oz.-1 lb bracket.

    More Perch in the 1lb plus bracket.


    Areas of Concern


    The lack of quality Roach

    Increased Pike activity


    All matches were held on our stretches of the Trent and Mersey Canal


    Date 15/3/2020

    Weather Showers/Mild

    23 Fished No Dry Nets


    1st 13lb 1oz. pole maggot/castor perch/skimmers Aqueduct Section

    2nd 8lb 11oz. pole bread skimmers Church Bridge

    3rd 7lb 15oz. pole bread/worm skimmers/roach/perch Church Bridge

    4th 7lb 5oz. pole bread/worm skimmers/roach/perch Church Bridge


    Date 1/3/2020

    Weather Changeable/Windy

    21 Fished No Dry Nets


    1st 5lb. 11oz. pole bread/worm skimmers/perch Pit Bridge

    2nd 5lb. 5oz. pole maggot roach/perch Plumb Pudding Narrow Section

    3rd 4lb 10oz, pole maggot roach/perch Plumb Pudding Narrow Section

    4th 4lb 4oz. pole maggot roach/perch Pit Bridge

    Best Fish Perch 2lb plus,


    Date 16/2/2020

    Weather Rain

    15 Fished No Dry Nets


    1st 10lb 8oz. pole bread/castor roach 1lb, 4 skimmers 1lb, 4 big perch Bridge 63a

    2nd 7lb 2oz. pole castor skimmer 1lb 3 big perch Bridge 67

    3rd 5lb 1oz. pole castor/worm 3 big perch Bridge 63a

    4th 4lb 0oz, pole maggot/skimmer 2 big perch/skimmers Bridge 67


    Date 2/2/2020

    Weather Changeable

    12 Fished our stretch (Crown Length Bridge 58-59) 3 Dry Nets


    1st 7lb 10oz. pole worm 3 big perch

    2nd 3lb 6oz. pole worm/bread perch/roach

    3rd 2lb 15oz. pole pinkie perch/skimmers


    Date 19/1/2020

    Weather cold/wet

    22 Fished 3 Dry Nets


    1st 5lb. 3oz. pole bread/castor roach Bridge 61a-62 Priory Stretch

    2nd 2lb 10oz. pole worm perch Bridge 61a-62 Priory Stretch

    3rd 2lb 5oz. pole bread/castor roach/perch Bridge 61a-62 Priory Stretch

    4th 1lb 12oz, pole worm perch/daddy rough Bridge 61a-62 Priory Stretch




    Please see the canal match bookings section if you're interested in contacting us for more information.

    Tales of the Riverbank

    To be featured, please email Tony at tony@vandome1.plus.com

    Write a couple of lines and let us know the good, the bad, or the ugly!

    Tuesday 16th June 2020 (from Paul Dennis)

    Shaun Burgess with a tremendous 13lb Common Carp, caught during a night session on one of the clubs stretches of the Trent July 13th/14th. Shaun had set himself the challenge of catching a river Carp this year, only to achieve his goal at the first attempt.

    Big congratulations go to Shaun, thanks for the photograph and update!

    Baileys Meadow Notice

    Information correct as of 11/03/20

    UPDATE - The Baileys track has now been completed!

    AGM Date

    Perfect if you're interested in becoming a member!

    PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately this has been postponed untill further notice due to COVID-19

    Come by and visit us at The Washlands! Please visit, all are welcome as it is the Annual Club Membership Enrollment Day.

    Burton Festival Letter

    Our annual Burton Festival letter has been sent!

    The burton festival letter was sent out to all anglers that fished last year on 4th March, for completion by the end of March, with deposit and appendix.

    If you fished last year, and have not received a letter, please don't hesitate to contact Tony


    After this, it will be open to other anglers.

    The 2019/2020 Specimen Fish Competition

    The Specimen Fish Competition is currently under review.


    Canal Footpath Now Open!  Located from Mossley Tavern, towards the Ashtree Pub

    Please note the Canal Footpath is now open after being repaired, please see the photo, which shows it in its completed state.


    Drennan Coors AC Final Summary (2019)

    After a great qualifying series the final was set to be a cracker, the river Trent at Burton has been improving all season, the whole of the upper Trent is teeming with fish especially roach, dace and perch and with conditions perfect all

    34 qualifiers were anticipating a great match. Drennans Steve Winter fishing the final for the first time drew Bailey's peg 18 a decent draw, cupping in 6 balls of groundbait at the 13m and loose feeding maggots and hemp heavily he caught roach in the 2 to 4 oz bracket swapping between pole and a small waggler just passed his loose feed he kept fish coming till the end for 29lb 10oz a brilliant weight for this area and a nice comfortable win. Runner up was Nigel Bull the most consistent angler at Burton drawn on Sherratts peg 15 he balled it at 13m and fished bronze maggots and hemp for 24lb 14oz mostly roach but he did have 10 skimmers to over a pound a rare catch for this part of the river.Third was Drennan Leicester's Rob Casterton also fishing the final for the first time again drawn on Sherratts he plundered 19lb 10oz of roach on the pole at 13m.

    1 S Winter Drennan 29.10.0

    2 N Bull Sensas 24.14.0

    3 R Casterton Drennan Leicester 19.10.0


    A.Dave Perch 15.4.0

    B.Tim Kinson 16.12.0

    C.Wayne Swinscoe 17.6.0

    D.Sam Merry 13.0.0

    E.Rob Quinn 19.8.0

    The organisers, Coors ac and the anglers would like to thank Drennan International for there great support and fantastic prizes.

    Pics Top 3 with organisers, Steve winning catch,Nigel Bulls runner up catch,Wayne Swinscoe's section winning catch


    The Latest on the Canal - 26th March 2020

    Alan Round makes a catch on the latest canal match, with photo on the right

    Coronavirus Support Hub from The Angling Trust


    Management Committee

    • Tony Vandome - Secretary - Telephone Number: 01283 512711

    • Carl Nuttall - Chairman - Telephone Number: 01782 279662

    • Kevin Roberts - Treasurer - Telephone Number: 01283 517112

    • Denis StClair - Tools/Equipment - Telephone Number: 07708 420855​



    Carl Nutall




    Tony Vandome


    Telephone Number: 01283 512711



    15 Jasmine Close


    Burton Upon Trent


    DE15 9FG


    Canal & River Membership Secretary, Deputy Washlands Representative


    Graham Toon



    13 Beamhill Road

    Burton on Trent




    Telephone Number: 07421 730298


    Club Angling Coach (Canal, River & Lake)


    Mark Foreshew


    Telephone Number: 07449 032680


    Assistant Business & Club Match Secretary


    John Lewis


    Telephone Number: 07966 533220


    Water Booking Manager


    Carl Nuttall


    Telephone Number:



    53 Granville Avenue

    Sneyd Green

    Stoke on Trent


    ST1 6BQ


    Water Bailiffs
    • Keith John (Armitage, Rugeley Canal & Middle Lake) - Telephone Number: 07980 271796
    • Adrian Gale (Baileys Meadow & Waters Meet) - Telephone Number: 07950 077153
    • Darren Mann (Municipal) - Telephone Number: 07846  485703
    • Peter Curtis (Andressey & Baileys) - Telephone Number: 07974 74578
    All committee members are roaming bailiffs

    Membership is open to all, and subject to approval by the committee. Download and print the Application Form by clicking on the red button below, and send it to the address as printed on the form.

    Membership Renewal Information


    Interested in renewing? You can renew your membership with us via post only. The draw will occur at the Washlands Club outside, near the fishing headquarters. Any member who is unable to attend a paying in session can also renew by sending a cheque with the relevant sub (as listed on this website), and is made payable to 'COORS AC', along with SAE to the membership secretary, Graham Toon.


    Membership Prices


    The 'Senior Membership' is £45 for the 2020-2021 season. This includes access to fish the River Trent, the canal at Rugeley, Armitage and Middle Lake Rugeley.


    Armitage & Rugeley (canal only) season permits are available for £12, and can be purchased at the Tackle Shop in Armitage, or from the club secretary Tony Vandome, call him at 01283 512711 for more information

    Below are some documemts & forms available to download for Water Bailiffs & Members

  • Sections

    Below are all of our sections available to fish at, please note the photos are due to be updated soon.


    • This section has 22 swims. which may change due to seasonal weed growth .
    • Access to this section is through the grounds of the Washlands Sports and Social Club either through their main gate or over the bridge at the back of the car park behind the Fitness First building on Wetmore Road. 
    • Parking on this section is behind most pegs. A very unique feature of this s of Coors A.C. water is that it is all single bank fishing due to the building up of the flood defences over the years to help stop Burton Town centre flooding. The consequence of this is that access to fish from the opposite bank is nigh on impossible, it’s a good thing to know that when you turn up for a days fishing, here you’ll have nobody opposite.
    • Target species :--- Chub, Roach, Perch, Barbel, Pike, Dace. Grayling.
    • Pegs 1 to 13 are best accessed from the Wash lands Club main gate. Via Meadow Road which may be locked with a combination lock for members out of club hours
    • Peg 1 is sited just below a pipe bridge. The river here is wide, shallow and weedy for much of its width but on the inside is a deeper weed free channel which can produce bags of chub, dace even Grayling ! Peg 2 has similar characteristics. 
    • Pegs 3,4 and 5 have depth from the inside line to mid river.
    • Peg 6 is a noted peg, an old weir creates many vortices and back swims across the river whilst a large back swim on the inside makes it a must to fish when the river is carrying a little extra water. Though this swim is not just a flood swim it is capable of good nets of fish at any time. Many big chub to 5lb+ have been caught from this peg.
    • Pegs 7 - 13 are stick and waggler swims though peg 9 is a noted barbel area.
    • Peg 14 is the start of what is known as ‘above the groundsman’s hut and is best accessed from the Fitness First car park. 
    • These pegs right up to 22 can produce good bags of roach in the Summer and bags of chub in the Winter. Barbel can put in an appearance from any of these swims. The average depth is 4 - 5 feet
    • Peg 22 is accessed from the Meadow Road car park


    • This section is accessible from Watson Street behind the Tesco supermarket and down to the public car park by the old pump house building. From here to the river is a flat tarmac walkway ideal for trolleys.
    • It has 33 pegs which may change due to seasonal weed growth which can be driven behind but in matches only.
    • The average depth of swims on the stretch is 3 to 5 feet.
    • Target species:--- Roach, Perch, Chub, Bream, Barbel
    • Starting at the upstream boundary peg 1 is in the shadow of the imposing structure of the Leicester Line railway bridge. 
    • Sharratts is the widest (approx’ 50 yards) of all the sections of river Coors A.C. control. Pegs 1 to 4 are fast shallow swims of 3 to 4 feet deep home to chub, dace and barbel. Pegs 5 to 9 smooth out because of slightly deepening water until we come to the famous bream pegs on 9 to 13. These have in the past thrown up big bags of bream to both pleasure and match anglers.
    • The next 20 pegs are quite even with bags of silver fish, roach, dace, chub, coming from any of them.

    Please note that seasonal weed growth may restrict the number of fish-able pegs


    • This section has 20 pegs which may change due to seasonal weed growth
    • Accessible via the public car parks behind Burton library
    • The walk to the river is by flat tarmac walkway, ideal for trolley and across the bridge over The Silver Way.
    • The tarmac track meets this section of fishery at Peg 8 and continues to the upstream boundary at Peg 20.
    • Target Species: Roach, Chub, Bream, Perch, Pike
    • Downstream end has pegs 1-5, with these being of similar depths to each other (5/6 feet), they also offer ideal stick and waggler fishing.
    • Peg 6 is dramatically different, a huge willow tree dominates the downstream at the end of this peg and shades a swim which is probably the deepest of any of the Coors AC waters, it's 16 feet deep, and home to all species, but this swim is noted to the big Bream at 7lbs+
    • Upstream from here, the rest of the swims to peg 20 offer some great stick and waggler float fishing with depths ranging from 5-8 feet.
    • Are you a devotee of the center pin? Then this is the section for you!
    • Some of the swims of this stretch lend themselves perfectly to this wonderful way of fishing.
    • On this stretch, as on all of our river sections, where possible, we have tried to keep the distance between the swims to approximately 35 yards. This gives all anglers ample room between swims, which are also permanently pegged.
    • Please note that seasonal weed growth may restrict the number of fishable pegs.


    • This section has 26 pegs which may change due to seasonal weed growth and as the name indicates is an island. 
    • Parking is at Meadow lane, walking from here up onto the bridge. Access is via a ramp off the Burton Bridge down onto the island.
    • Target species:--- Roach, Chub, Bream, Perch, Pike, Carp. 
    • The upstream end of the island is where the river splits at the downstream end of the Andressey section. 
    • Looking from the top point the river flows on the right hand side opposite the Rowing club and the gun barrels and on underneath 3 arches of Burton Bridge on the Stapenhill side. The left hand side flows past the mouth of the Silver way and on underneath 1 arch of the Burton Bridge on the town side. 
    • Upstream and downstream of this arch are weirs. Carrying on past these weirs the river has a shallow back channel which joins back up to the main river and is just above the upstream boundary of the Baileys Meadow section.
    • As this back channel rejoins the main river we have pegs 1 to 5 going back upstream to the Stapenhill side of the Burton Bridge. 
    • Pegs 4 and 5 are below the buttresses of this bridge and have always been fish holding features providing big bags of roach quite often throughout the season and on other occasions chub. 
    • Peg 6 is on the upstream side running into the arches of the and is also a noted swim. The swims from here up to the point are quite even in depth and character lending themselves to stick and waggler presentations.
    • On the opposite bank is the Burton Rowing Club who use their side to launch rowing boats on most days. Some anglers can be put off fishing these pegs for that reason but don’t be put off because the fish certainly are not. They have that disturbance every day and are well used to it, very many good bags of fish have been taken from these swims despite this, seemingly to us, this disturbance of the river!
    • The last swim on this side at the top point is 16, coming around the point we come to peg 17, 18, 19 these are on clear bank and are opposite the mouth of the Silver way noted for its bream in the scoured out hole approx 10 feet deep. 
    • The next swims are in the trees, pegs 20 -25. Stick and waggler again down the inside and mid river, opposite these swims on the far bank are beds of whips and lily pads home to all species including bream and carp.
    • Peg 25 is just out of these trees and at the upstream end of a weir, this is a noted chub swim fishing to the weir and also the inside line of this swim is well known to hold big perch. From here we go under the town side arch to the downstream weir and back channel, interesting little swims that have produced big chub.


    • Access to this stretch is via the double ‘coral type’ gates at the end of Baileys Meadow. There are lots of pegs on this stretch but as yet many of these are not defined.
    • You can drive to the swims but you must follow the river bank when traversing the fields . Do not drive across the fields, Keep to the bank.
    • Some of the swims are easy to access and can produce good nets of fish.
    • The noted Pipe bridge peg is famous for the large chub that it holds and if you know where the swim is you can have 30 lb+ on most occasions.
    • Some swims  have high banks and care is needed
    • On the opposite side of the island we have a short stretch known as sinii , this is a slower water and can produce Barbel chub roach and bream
    • Target species:---Chub, Roach, Barbel, Pike, Carp, Bream.
    • Should you fancy some almost untouched fishing then this is the place to explore and fish in countryside which belies its proximity to an urban conurbation. Kingfishers, Herons, Buzzards, Green Woodpeckers even Oyster Catches will share this countryside haven with whilst you fish.
    • NOTE

      It may be necessary to close this water for short periods during the season when the farmer has Bulls in

      the field this is done for health and safety reasons and during this period fishing is not allowed.

      Notices will be posted on the Baileys gates when this occurs

    Silver Way

    • The Silver way is a cutting from the main river excavated by the Brewery to provide ease of transportation when the river was navigable in bygone times.
    • The access is the same as for Andressey, from the car parks behind Burton library.
    • There are no defined pegs on this cutting. 
    • Target Species:--- Bream, Roach, Carp, Pike, Tench.
    • Starting at the mouth where it meets the main river opposite Broadholme Island, this is known as bream corner. It can be fished from either side but probably the best is from the trees on the swimming pool bank. 
    • Pads to the left and right give way to deep water of approx 10 feet deep right in front. 
    • From here to the footbridge and beyond, very shallow water with lots of lily pads is the order of the day. 
    • Above the Abbey are some deeper swims on the opposite bank. A bit of a stalking water really not the usual match type water at all. 
    • Specimen anglers may find it interesting though. In years to come when other more important work has been done, this neglected piece of Coors water may receive some attention.
    • NOTE fishing is not allowed in the Cherry Orchard opposite the garden of remembrance.

      for reasons of Respect

    Baileys Meadow

    • This section is accessible from the Meadow side road off the Burton Bridge
    • As you drive off the tarmac road onto the rough track the access gate is on the right hand side. The gate is combination locked for members use only
    • Driving through the gate (please close, lock and scramble the numbers) there are 25 swims which may change due to seasonal weed growth and there are  18 purpose built fishing platforms where you can park your car behind each one for a very easy days fishing!
    • Target species for these platforms:--- Roach, Perch, Chub, Silver Bream, Pike 
    • Noted swims are peg 1, approximate depth 6foot, probably fished the most often because of its close proximity to the gate, fish the middle of the river. 
    • Peg 3, fish middle to far side along the far bank tree line for bonus bream and tench in the summer. 
    • Pegs 12, 13, 14  are fringed with lilies in the summer and hold most species in the river, this is the area for the increasingly rare Silver Bream recognisable for the pink tinge to their fins. 
    • Pegs 15 to 18  are reed fringed but deeper down the middle approx’ 9 foot and are the most consistent when contests are held often providing section wins and sometimes contest wins. 
    • The platforms finish at the start of the spinney which is now private property. 
    • Below the weir there is an islands with 2 swims, these are only accessible by the new Bridge. These swims suffer the ravages of flooding.
    • There are now comfortable platforms to fish from on this island . The weir pools offer very interesting fishing!
    • The last pegs, are again ones to park behind. They are mainly fast shallow chub and barbel swims. Though 23 does have a large back swim opposite, home to big chub and perch who feed on the bleak carrying extra water this back swim is as good a bet as any.

    Please note that seasonal weed growth may restrict the number of

    fishable peg on this section

    The Armitage & Rugeley Canal

    • Click the images of the maps above, to be forwarded to Google Maps, to see the canal in more detail and surrounding areas.

    Trent & Mersey Canal - Bridge 58 to Bridge 62

  • Canal Sections

    Listed below are the canal sections with maps

    Trent & Mersey Canal: Bridge 58 to 62

    BRIDGE 58
    From Burton going North A513
    Two cars can park by canal in pub car park
    1st left (if by a pint after!)
    OR lane on right before pub

    BRIDGE 59
    Carry on from Bridge 58 to T Junction
    Turn right
    2nd exit at mini island
    Around 200 yards park on road opposite bridge
    OR ok for two cars over bridge on right by canal

    BRIDGE 60
    Instead of 2nd exit at mini island, go straight on to Armitage
    Turn right into Church Lane
    Follow through and park in church car park on left during weekdays
    Steps down from bridge – NOT suitable for large trolley

    BRIDGE 61
    Carry on A513
    Park on right – top of hill
    Starting 40 mph, past the Plum Pudding on right
    OR in layby on left by Peg 100

    BRIDGE 62
    Carry on A513 to Ash Tree Pub on right
    Park on road on left opposite
    OR take 3rd exit at roundabout Wheelhouse Road
    1st left park by new houses by canal


    Trent & Mersey Canal: Bridge 62 to 66 & 66 to 68

    BRIDGES 63 and 64 Lea Hall Est
    Keep on A513 to Rugeley
    2nd exit at roundabout at Ash Tree Pub on right
    Turn right at Lea Hall sign
    Park on bridge Wheelhouse Rd

    BRIDGE 65
    Keep on A513 Rugeley Road
    Turn right at Mossley Tavern
    Park in garage at end on far left
    Just say hello to garage owner

    BRIDGES 65A and 65B
    Do not normally fish here due to permanently parked boats

    BRIDGE 66
    Just off Power Station Road, turn left off A51
    Bypass by Tesco and turn left to canal

    BRIDGE 67 Rugeley Bridge
    Come off A51 bypass to town centre across mini island
    1st right
    Then 1st left
    Park by canal on grass verge

    BRIDGE 68 Rugeley Bypass Bridge
    Just below A51 bypass, park on road
    Walk down to canal


  • Middle Lake

  • Rules

    Listed below are the rules that must be followed by all club members when fishing


    1. Membership is via the Clubs application form only. A membership application must be endorsed by all of the clubs management
    2.  All club members must be in possession of a current rod licence. membership card and Washlands card. These to are to be produced on request.
    3.  The Coors AC year starts from the 1st April. Membership subscriptions should be paid before the 1st June, after this date are re-joining fee of £15 will take effect.
    4.  Normally fishing is from dawn till dusk (for exception see rule 14)
    5.  Members will leave no litter, all gates must be closed and the locks secured after each use
    6.  Members details will be held by the Club on computer for the purpose of the Data Protection Act, you agree to this by virtue of membership.
    7. All members and guests are responsible for their own safety when fishing/visiting all Club waters and do so at their own risk.
    8.  No alteration allowed to club stages i.e.. drilling or fixing brackets or extensions.
    9. Any member who breaks any of the Club’s rules or generally brings the name of the Club into disrepute shall be liable to be called before the Management Committee who shall have the power to suspend or expel the offending member.
    10.  The management decision pertaining to any matters not provided by these rules shall be final.
    11. A maximum strict speed limit of 5 mph is to be observed when driving on the club stretches of Baileys, Municipal and Sherratts .
    12.  When fishing on stretches that have been permanently pegged please keep to the pegged swims.
    13.  No fires are to be lit
    14.  Night fishing is allowed on some sections (ask for details)
    15. All members are expected to act in a courteous manner to all other users of the facilities
    16. No Fish are to be taken from any Coors Water under any circumstances (The exception is Rule 22)
    17. All permits must be produce to an authorised Bailiff when requested.
    18.  Partners of a full member may fish at a reduced rate  of £5 per day provided they hold an EA rod license.
    19. Any member may be accompanied by a junior who is under 17 years of age. The Junior may fish free of charge provided that if over 12 years of age he or she has a EA rod license and is on an adjacent peg to the full member. Junior members having reached the age of 17 years are deemed to be senior members and liable to pay full membership fee. Any angler 12 years and over must be in possession of a current environment agency rod license
    20.  Where parking at a peg is permitted you must park so as not to obstruct any footpath or right of way. The club is not liable for any damage to vehicles.
    21. From time to time it may be necessary to put a temporary ban on specific sections as requested by the farmer, and if it happens then it must be respected. Notices will be posted on this website accordingly.
    22. Any Zander or American Signal Crayfish caught, may be removed and dealt with in accordance with the official E.A. Policy.
    23. All Coors Angling Club members, when attending 'The Washlands Sports & Social Club' for any reason, MUST carry their angling club membership card and produce this is requested. The Angling Club membership card does serve as a Washlands Club membership card as well.
    24. All accidents MUST be reported in writing (preferably by email) to the club secretary (Tony Vandome) immediately.
    All rules are correct as of 09/02/20


    Listed below are the latest in our canal water bookings. We are taking water bookings now!


    Here we usually list our water bookings, but as of right now we don't have any


    Listed below are the latest in our river bookings. We are now taking water bookings for Saturdays.


    Saturday 3rd October 2020
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